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Working with an Agent to Sell Your House

A good Realtor® partners with you to review comparable properties, help price your home to sell based upon many criteria, market you home to the real estate community and buyers.  Then, when offers arrive, they watch out for your interest and put their negoiating skills to work to help get you to a closing table.

Did you know about 25% of getting your home sold is marketing and 75% of getting your home sold is negoiating offers and providing service which gets you to the closing table?  Providing top notch service after signing the listing agreement and after receiving an offer on your house are cornerstones of great real estate agents.

Some items to think about when you select a real estate agent to market your home:

  • If a real estate agent has taken the time to stay in touch with you by newsletters, market updates, yearly calendars and ongoing interaction then give them a shot when it comes time to sell.  They have invested in being your future agent and love to provide service to someone they have worked hard to earn future business.  It is really very motivated for you to contact an agent that tried so hard to stay in touch.  They will most likely go above and beyond an agent you just meet.
  • If you do not have an agent you know or stays in touch with you then ask around.  Check with friends and family to see if they will refer an agent.  Agents love to receive referrals as well.  It means they did a good job for someone else and that person feels comfortable enough to recommend them.  This is just part of our human nature.  Agents, and people in general, usually enjoy being recommended by someone else.
  • If the two options above do not apply, then it is time to interview some agents.  Look for local real estate yard signs and contact those agents.  Look on the internet and see what website appear and if the agents answer you back on a timely basis.  Look for agents from different brokerage companies.  We are NOT all created equal.
  • When interviewing agents, ask about their marketing tools, their education, their experience, and how they got into real estate.  They will typically bring some form of listing presentation to your home when you meet.  Some agents just wing it, others come prepared to teach a college course on selling homes.  If you have the time it is a fun process to see which agent stands above the rest.
  • Remember it is not always about the commission.  You need to think of timing, correct pricing for the CURRENT market which may not be the same market you bought your house.
  • Pick an agent you feel comfortable working with.  In essense, you are partnering up to market and sell your home.  You will be confiding bits and pieces of information to this person that you would not even share with other family members.
  • Work on your patience.  Agents interact with all types of vendors and companies in the real estate industry and do their very best to help control the process but sometimes even they cannot make the earth move.

Remember, when you place your home on the market it is not yours anymore.  You now live in a place that is simply a piece of property that will become another person's home.

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