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The challenge of marketing real estate is to go where the buyers are going and help sellers understand why we are heading in new directions.  Help sellers understand why the method they used to buy their home may not be the same methods today's buyers are using to purchase homes and find out information about homes for sale.


Keeping your eye on trends is an on-going struggle and opportunity for any business of any kind.

At Semonin, we listen to consumers, to agents, to industry trades and to important surveys like the National Association of Realtors' annual profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

One of our guides to real estate marketing for sellers is to review where buyers are finding information about the homes they purchase.

We know buyer's habits have been changing with the increases in technology over the past several years.  The Internet continues to affect how real estate is bought and sold as well as all the devices and media connected to the world wide web.

Our goal as a real estate company is to be where the buyers are going.

The Internet has become the top resource for buyers, topping out all other sources in recent years. In the 2014 annual survey mentioned above, 43% of buyers first learned of the home they purchased from the Internet.

  • When you sign a listing contract with a real estate brokerage company, one of the major questions to ask the agent is how will they market your home on the Internet? With Semonin agents, your home will be showcased on the top local regional website of and the top national real estate website of
  • is the top local website for real estate in the Greater Louisville area. Statistics from websites like provide a powerful second to hundreds of word of mouth conversations we receive about being the best local real estate site. All of our marketing in print, TV and radio point to as the buyers’ resource for information. has 14 different methods for buyers to search for a home. This list will continue to grow. features tools buyers have ranked the most useful, including photos and detailed property information, video tours, showing alerts, mortgage calculations and more.
  • continues to have a powerful presence for consumers search for real estate in the national and regional markets.  Every Semonin listing is showcased on this busy real estate site.  More photos, more information, more featured tours means more buyers seeing your property on the Internet.
  • Our team of agents and staff does not stop at these two sites.  Your listings are distributed to other real estate sites on the web like (HGTV's property website),,, and more.  Selected agents post information to sites like  We are adding to this published listed to help spread the word about your home for sale.
  • Mobile devices are becoming more popular for home buyers to use during their search, and Semonin has kept up with the growing trend by integrating a number of mobile marketing tools to better showcase your listing. Prospective buyers are able to utilize text messaging or QR scanning tools to access information about a listing instantly. Our website has also been optimized for smartphones and tablets so homebuyers can easily search home listings on any device.
  • Semonin.TV is another unique tool available for our agents to provide to local sellers.  Buyers and sellers can visit Semonin.TV to watch informative videos about the homebuying and selling processes.

Real estate agents are next in line as a top resource for buyers.  In the 2014 annual survey mentioned above, 33% of buyers first learned of the home they purchased from their real estate agent.

  • Semonin agents and staff know the ins and outs of our local multiple list systems (MLS).  These systems drive information about your home for sale to other agents, consumers and many real estate websites.  Our company is represented on different boards and committees where we help influence change to make our MLS's better tools for agents and consumers.
  • Semonin agents possess many devices (email, voice mail, fax to email, PDA's, Supra keys, 24/7 forms on intranet, HomeFeedBack websites, new listing alerts, and more) to assist in agent to agent communication.  These tools and devices help buyers and sellers get to the closing table.
  • Semonin agents strive to offer extra photos, extra tours, disclosures and general information to other agents to help sell your home.  While 40% of our listings are sold by other Semonin agents, 60% of our listings will be with agents from other real estate companies in our market.  Providing other agents with timely information about your home for sale is very important to us.

Yard signs and open houses are third in line as a top resource for buyers.  In the 2014 annual survey mentioned above, 9% of buyers first learned of the home they purchased from signage.

  • Semonin yard signs stand out.  Yellow and black are very strong colors for buyers to see when they drive past your home.  Buyers know they can find information about your home from multiple resources when they see the yellow and black.
  • Another staple of our signage is tied to technology.  Each Semonin sign offers a connection to our hotline system.  This system lets you dial 502-584-4663 from any phone and find out more information about the property for sale.  Buyers regularly call this number in the thousands to here about the number of bedrooms, bathroom, approximate square footage and more.
  • Semonin agents also take time and effort to host open houses in our communities each weekend.  Some weekends we take extra efforts to host Semonin Super Sunday weekends.  We have identified selected weekends in the year when we feel buyers are more interested in viewing open houses.  Many weekends as you know are filled with distractions like holidays, local events, summer vacations, and back to school crunch times.  We plan ahead and coordinate our efforts to get as many buyers as possible in our Semonin listings.

Rounding out the list of sources for buyers are friends and family, builders, and direct from home sellers.  The bottom two sources are newspapers and homes magazines.  In the 2014 annual survery mentioned above, 1% of buyers first learned of the home they purchased from the newspaper and less than 1% from homes magazines.  In the past two years, Semonin has reduced our efforts in print media because the buyer is changing.

Our intention is to go where the buyers are going.  They are going to real estate agents, the Internet, yard signs/open houses, builders, friends and family.  Print media is slowing but surely going away as an effective means to market real estate to buyers. 

Ask yourself what you buy now without researching on the Internet?  Then ask yourself if you were buying, what source will you use.