Access virtually every home in Kentuckiana.




Calculate Commute

Save Favorites

Using your smart phone or tablet's GPS, find nearby homes for sale, open houses, or homes that have recently sold. Search the way your want with a variety of accurate search tools. Access detailed property information and browse through photo galleries. On your tablet, align photos from different properties to compare certain rooms side by side. Share your favorite homes to your family and friends by directly sending them an e-mail or text message, or share on your social networks.  Search for homes within a specific commute time from different places, like your work and school. Even calculate commutes for rush hour or different types of transportation. Come back to your favorite properties easily by saving them in your Property Watch account. 

Map It.

With our interactive map feature you can zoom in or out to any part of the map to show homes for sale. The different colors of the pins represent certain things. The black pins are active listings, the yellow pins are homes that have upcoming open houses, and the red pins are newly listed properties. 


Draw It.

The pencil tool can be used to draw around an area that you want to search in. Each pin that appears in the drawn area can be clicked on to view the property details.


Scan It.

SemVision is a home scan feature that allows you to see what homes are for sale around you. When SemVision is on, hold your device out in front of you and rotate it to scan your surroundings. Homes that are within a 1 mile radius will appear as you pass by them. Click on each listing to access detailed information and photos.


Match It.

A number of options are available for you to customize your search so that you find homes that offer exactly what you are looking for. You can set parameters on price, square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and much more. You can also choose to just search for open houses or homes that were just reduced in price.