Curb Appeal: Make a Favorable First Impression


You may have a spacious open floor plan and a killer spiral staircase to the second floor, but potential buyers may never get that far in viewing your home if you don’t pay attention to an important feature: curb appeal.

When you think about it, your home's exterior appearance is the first thing people notice. If your house's front exterior is lacking appropriate curb appeal, it's unlikely that some buyers will even make it through the front door with an open mind. Whether you want to sell your home or find easy ways to improve your property value, taking small steps to improve your curb appeal can be a simple, worthwhile investment.

Start by turning a critical eye to your house. Stand at the end of the driveway or even across the street and ask yourself, “What do my neighbors notice about my house? What kind of initial impression do my guests have?” You might take a few pictures of your home's exterior and send them to a friend or relative for their critique. They might be able to see things you don’t.

The most impactful improvements will be the ones made on the most obvious problem areas. It doesn't make a lot of sense to add ornamental flowers if your lawn is dead, and a new door knocker won't do much if your home needs new paint. Often, the most impactful and cost-effective way to improve your home's curb appeal is simply taking time to clean and touch up the house's exterior and front landscape.

11 Ideas to Boost Your Home Exterior

1. Power wash the exterior siding. Make note of areas with peeling or cracking paint.

2. Clean out your gutters and remove any debris from the roof. Replace rusting or bent gutters.

3. Wash the inside and outside of all windows, and remove any cobwebs.

4. Rake and remove any dead vegetation.

5. Keep your driveway and clean and clear of debris, grass, leaves and/or snow.

6. Keep your lawn mowed. Edge the sidewalks.

7. Remove weeds or grass from the cracks in your driveway or sidewalk.

8. Trim trees and bushes. Make sure no branches of exterior plants are touching your roof or are too close to power lines.

9. Keep lawn and gardening equipment, bikes or other children's toys stowed away.

10. Keep garbage and recycling barrels in the garage or otherwise out of sight.

11. Repair broken fences or other areas in clear disrepair.


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