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Welcome to Kentuckiana!

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It’s the place that gave the world bourbon, Kentucky Fried Chicken and the fastest two minutes in sports---the Kentucky Derby. It’s the home of the Louisville Slugger, and hometown of Muhammad Ali, Diane Sawyer, Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lawrence. These are all reasons for our community’s claim to fame, but there is much more to Louisville and the surrounding metropolitan region that makes it such a unique and splendid place to live!

A celebrated creative culinary scene, more than 120 parks (with a massive Waterfront Botanical Gardens in the works), a variety of fascinating museums and historical sites, a thriving performing and visual arts scene, thrilling attractions and an incredible educational ecosystem are just a few of the amenities Kentuckiana has to offer visitors and residents all year round.

Despite being the 43rd largest metropolitan area in America, Louisville has a small town feel with Southern charm and a welcoming ethos. It’s a community that embraces its rich history for riverboats, horse racing and bourbon, but continues to persist in developing cutting-edge ideas and investing in the future.

Greater Louisville’s real unique asset is its neighborhoods, each with its own unique identity, culture and lifestyle. From the hipster communities and elegant, historic neighborhoods nestled in the heart of the city, to the charming small towns and rural landscapes that lie beyond the city limits, residents are able to choose from a virtually unlimited number of unique settings and lifestyles.

The city of Louisville itself has been racking up a slew of accolades over the past few years, bringing some esteemed recognition to the entire area. In 2018, Louisville, Kentucky was ranked a "Top 15 City" for affordable living by Forbes. SmartAsset named Louisville as a top city "Where Millennials Are Moving" and for "Women in Technology." In 2017, National Geographic named Louisville a "Top 10 Food City," and Forbes ranked it a city for the "Best in Manufacturing." That same year, ZipRecruiter ranked Louisville as a "Top 10 Best City for Job Seekers."