Jeffersonville Homes | Indiana | Louisville, KY

View Jeffersonville Homes available in Indiana. Sitting in Southern Indiana close to New Albany, Jeffersonville is a small town with lots of charm along the Ohio River. Just minutes from Downtown Louisville, Kentucky, Jeffersonville is an excellent choice for commuters, those looking for a lower cost of living, or those just wanting a good life. The city has lots of local amenities, including local shops and dining options, as well as national retailers. The Jeffersonville Real Estate Market has a great offering of homes and properties for sale, and Jeffersonville Homes are available in all price ranges, from simple starter homes to larger and luxury homes. Many people in the Louisville area live in Southern Indiana and commute to Kentucky because of better taxes and better home prices. If you're interested in learning more about Jeffersonville Homes, contact Semonin Realtors for more information today.

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