Jeffersonville Condominiums | Indiana | Louisville KY

View Jeffersonville Condominiums available in Indiana. Sitting in Southern Indiana along the banks of the Ohio River, Jeffersonville is a small town with lots to offer residents. With a low cost of living, sunny weather, high graduation rates and lots of local amenities, Jeffersonville has something for every person or interest. Just a few minutes drive from Louisville, Jeffersonville is seeing a huge push in city updates with the addition of more parks, a new downtown marina, and an overall revitalization of the districts of downtown Jeffersonville. The Jeffersonville Real Estate Market is doing well, with lots of affordable properties available. Jeffersonville Condominiums are available, with new properties on the market. Contact Semonin Realtors for more information about Jeffersonville Condominiums in Indiana and living in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

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