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Buying a home?  Get a step ahead with the Prosperity Buyer Advantage®

Obtaining a mortgage preliminary approval is a great place to begin when buying a home.  By electing in the Prosperity Buyer Advantage®, you can get much of the home financing process out of the way and obtain a Commitment Letter before you even begin searching for a home.

What are the benefits?

  • Complimentary - Choosing to participate costs you nothing additional
  • Distinguished - A Commitment Letter can set your home purchase offer apart from other offers a seller may be considering
  • Smooth - With much of the home financing process completed up-front, additional requirements or conditions can be identified to help prevent last-minute issues
  • Flexible - You may have the option of being more flexible with your closing date and also help ensure an on-time closing

blk_equal-housing-lender-logo-png.png Visit the Prosperity Home Mortgage website for additional information.

Buyer Advantage® is not a final loan approval.A Commitment Letter is based on information and documentation provided by you and a review of your credit report. The interest rate and type of mortgage used to approve you for a specified loan amount is subject to change, which may also change the terms of approval. If the interest rate used for credit approval has changed, you may need to re-qualify. Information provided by you is subject to review and all other loan conditions must be met. After you have chosen a home and your offer has been accepted, final loan approval will be contingent upon obtaining an acceptable appraisal and title commitment. Additional documentation may be required.


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Nancy Baker

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Mortgage Consultant
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Marcus Jones

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Kim Luckett

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Shannon Neuschwander

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