In what year did you begin working in the real estate industry as a REALTOR®? “I became licensed in Kentucky after I retired in 2017.” Why do you like working in the real estate industry? “The real estate industry allows me the flexibility to continue my passion of training and coaching people on my own schedule. My favorite part of the business is helping first-time buyers find and purchase the home that starts them on the next step of their life's journey.” In what year did you become affiliated with Semonin Realtors®? “I affiliated with Semonin when I earned my license in 2017.” Why do you choose to affiliate your business with Semonin? “Semonin has a strong management team and administrative staff, along with continuous training opportunities.” What do you do to stay up-to-date/knowledgeable about the real estate industry? “I subscribe to a variety of newsletters and watch training videos. I also have become an Accredited Buyers Representative®, the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation.” What did you do before you began working in real estate? “I worked as a production/operations manager in the corrugated box industry for 39 years.” Briefly, tell us about your immediate family: “I am a father of three, and I have five grandchildren.” What do you enjoy doing in your free time? “I spend a lot of my free time with my yellow lab, Abby, and I also am an avid bicycle rider.” What is your favorite book/type of book? “I am an American history fan, especially the American Revolution, up to and including the Civil War.” What is your favorite movie/type of movie? “I do not watch many movies, but when I do, it’s an action movie, such as a James Bond film.” What is your favorite song/type of music? “I spend most of my time listening to classic rock from the 60’s and 70’s.” If you could wave a magic wand, what one thing would you most like to change in the world? “I do wish that everyone had the ability to see all sides of a situation instead of being so narrow minded.” What are two or three items on your Bucket List? “I would like to go to Boston and New York to visit the colonial sites that were involved in early American history. I would also like to take a week-long bike ride in Italy.” If you could have dinner with anyone, living or deceased, who would it be? “I would love to have dinner with George Washington or Robert E. Lee to find at what motivated them to take on the tasks that eventually shaped our country.” What is your favorite word? “My favorite word is ‘awesome.’ It is how I describe how I feel, and it captures the enthusiasm and thoroughness of my business approach.” Do you have a motto/words to live by? “It is a quote from George Washington: ‘Rise early, that by habit it may become familiar, agreeable, healthy and profitable.’” Do you have a favorite quote? “It is a quote by Thomas Jefferson: ‘When angry, count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred." I have followed that advice many times.’”