100 Years


As the calendar year changed to 2015, Semonin Realtors® reached a monumental milestone, marking its 100th year in business. Reaching 100 years is a rare distinction, one that we embrace with pride, honor, and gratitude.

This company has persevered through 10 decades, 2 world wars, numerous recessions, and one depression. The invention and mainstream use of silent films, talking films, radio, television, VCR’s, DVD’s, the Internet, social media, cell phones, microwaves, fax machines, personal computers, the atom bomb, atomic power and thousands more items came about while our agents and staff were helping people buy and sell real estate.

As Semonin Realtors® celebrates its centennial, we will reflect on our company’s past and applaud the dedicated and loyal leaders, agents, staff members, and clients who have made this achievement possible. We are proud of the footprint Semonin Realtors® has left on our community over the last century, but our 100th year is more than just an anniversary or a rekindling of history appreciation, it is about continuing our legacy and celebrating something that is truly lasting.

Looking ahead to the next 100 years, much will change in the real estate industry. There will come a day with a real estate transaction is truly “paperless”. The continuous growth our community and our technology will inevitably change how we do business. But one thing that has lasted through our first 100 years and will continue to stay the same through our next 100 years is our dedication to providing exceptional service and our respected reputation for honesty and integrity.

We are a dedicated bunch of individuals. We believe in the American Dream of home ownership and all the rights and privileges associated with your pursuit of happiness.

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The Past and Present Leaders of Semonin Realtors®


Paul Semonin, Sr.

Service has been the hallmark of Semonin Realtors since 1915, when Paul Semonin Sr. first opened his real estate office in Louisville Kentucky. From the start, Semonin was known for its dedication to honesty and integrity in serving its customers. It's a tradition that continues to this day.

Paul Semonin, Jr.

When Paul Semonin Jr. took over the business in the 1940s, he reaffirmed the company's commitment to service and worked to apply it to the real estate profession as a whole, as well as to the firm's own clients. In recognition of his commitment and leadership abilities, Paul Semonin Jr. was elected first to the presidency of the Louisville Board of Realtors, then to the posts of president of the Kentucky Association of Realtors and director of the National Association of Realtors.

Scoggan Jones, Jr.

Scoggan Jones began became president of the company in the 1970s. The 1970s recession posed hardships on the entire real estate industry. Despite the threatening challenges the company faced during his presidency, Jones was dedicated in preserving the firm's image and reputation for integrity, exceptional service, and loyalty to the company. He worked closely with Paul Semonin, Jr. to overcome the difficulties of the decade and along the way became a highly respected figure in the company. 

George Gans, III

George Gans III started as an agent with Semonin in the 1970’s. Early in his career he set a goal to one day purchase Semonin Realtors and lead it to greater business glory. His goals were achieved during the 1980’s and ended with his eventual selling of Semonin Realtors to HomeServices of America.

SemStory_BradDeVries.jpgBrad DeVries, President & CEO

In 1999, the company joined a group of companies which shared the same passion for selling real estate. One year later, Brad DeVries assumed the President and CEO position. Today, Brad DeVries continues to guide the company in serving its customers, its community, and the real estate profession. Semonin associates' dedication to service is the reason why we are the largest and most respected real estate company in this region. And we are continually working to find better ways to serve our customers.