Home Warranty Services

2-10 HBW logo.pngSemonin partners with 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty to provide comfort and peace of mind to our buyers and sellers. 2-10 HBW is a premier and reputable home warranty provider that has protected more than 5.5 million new and pre-owned homes.

Homes have many moving parts and pieces which from time to time may break, stop working, or just go bad. Our comprehensive and trusted home warranty service agreement is designed to provide protection against the high expense to repair or replace major systems and appliances that breakdown due to normal wear and use. No one can predict when mechanical systems or appliances will fail, but you can be better prepared when they do.

If you are selling your home, a 2-10 HBW makes your property more attractive to a buyer, therefore enabling your home to sell faster and for a higher price. If you are buying a home without an existing home warranty we can help give you some peace of mind when you purchase a home through our company.

A 2-10 HBW can save homeowners hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Ask a Semonin agent to show you information about a 2-10 HBW today.