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Joining Semonin

Joining Semonin Realtors happens for different reasons, from different viewpoints and at different times in people's lives.  


In our local community, hundreds of licensed agents decide Semonin Realtors is the company they want to spend their working hours developing and perfecting skills and experience which helps buyers and sellers enjoy the process of the real estate transaction.  This small group of people are dedicated to helping others in our local communities of Louisville Kentucky, southern Indiana and Elizabethtown/Fort Knox areas.  These agents made a personal choice to JOIN Semonin instead of other local brokerage companies.  Click here if you would like to join Semonin as an agent. 


We have thousands of buyers each year join Semonin to work with a licensed agent to help them purchase a new home.  Since 1915 our company has helped thousands upon thousands of buyers in our communities find new homes for themselves and their families to live the American dream of home ownership.  Many of our agents have worked with the same buyers multiple times as they increased or decreased their home size over their lifetimes.  Click here if you need some helpful information about the buying processes as you join Semonin to find a new home.


Semonin Realtors also employs several individuals to assist our licensed agents in marketing local real estate.  Many of our employees have been with Semonin for several years  and bring a wealth of information to assist our agents working with buyers, sellers and vendors.  From answering the thousands of phone calls we receive each month to marketing our listings across the Internet, our employees are a highly trained group which joined Semonin to make our company the best real estate brokerage in our region.  Click here to view some of the systems our employees use to help buyers and sellers through the complex processes of real estate transactions.

Family Members

The real estate business is a 7 day a week industry.  Many times an agent's work begins when everyone else is getting off work or on the weekends holding open houses or counseling buyers.  Our marketing systems run 24 hours a day so buyers and sellers can get the information they need whenever they need it.  Our agents and employees appreciate and respect the support received from our family members.  Our spouses, daughters, sons, and other family members and friends have to be understanding of the unique hours and 24/7 requirements of the job.  We cannot thank them enough for the support and we apppreciate their willingness to join Semoin also.


Our sellers are a unique group of individuals who join Semonin by signing a listing contract and believing in one of our agents to market their real estate property to others.  They believe in the value of experience, services and tools we bring to the table. Some properties sell quickly, others more slowly, and some do not sell.  In all cases, we appreciate the sellers desire to let our agents and our brokerage company represent them by placing our marketing tools in their yards and on the Internet.  Click here to find out helpful information about joining Semonin to sell your property.


Our brokerage company offers many unique tools and services to help us guide buyers and sellers through the complex process of real estate transactions.  It takes many local companies to help us help others.  Our facilities are the starting point where agents learn the business, meeting with clients and work with our employees on a daily basis.  The tools we use like computer networks, servers, firewalls, copiers, voicemail systems, phone systems, print vendors, internet vendors, radio stations and others come from other local business in our marketplace.  We enjoy the opportunity to work with other local businesses and we thank them for joining with Semonin to offer unique tools for our marketplace.