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Semonin Full Service - Realty, Mortgage, Home Warranty, Title, Insurance, and Relocation
Wikipedia.jpg What is full service?  Wikipedia states this about full service...
"Full service is a term that has many different uses. In general the term implies that the customer will receive as much service as is reasonably possible."
Restaurants are generally the business most people first picture in their minds when they think of full service.  One thinks of being waited upon, being asked to sit down and take time to enjoy the meal.  One thinks of a well run establishment that may be part of a large chain or a local restaurant which has been around for years, sometimes decades.
A full service business establishes higher standards for itself.  A full service business offers more choices to the public.  A full service business makes the choice to strive for higher service than others.
Semonin Full Service Options

YardSign_RealtyServices.jpg   REALTY SERVICES
Semonin Full Service begins with our traditional real estate services.  Helping buyers and sellers with real estate purchases and sales has been part of our core services for decades.  Since 1915, Semonin agents have seen many types of markets.  Real estate markets go up and they come down.  Whatever type of market, Semonin offers full service brokerage service with honesty and integrity.

CalculatorHouse_MortgageServices.jpg   MORTGAGE SERVICES
A very important full service option at Semonin is our in-house mortgage joint venture through HomeServices Lending, LLC.  When you are buying a home it helps to be approved for the amount  you can afford.  An award winning service team awaits you in our offices.  The mortgage team and Semonin agents work closely together to help buyers get the proper financing in these challenging times.

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A great full service option for both buyers and sellers is our Home Warranty service which gives peace of mind to many homeowners in our marketplace.  If you are selling a home with a Semonin agent then you can add a home warranty to your listing and make it more attactive to buyers.  If you are buying a home without a home warranty with a Semonin agent then we have a policy you can add to the mix and give you some extra peace of mind.  Hundreds of homeowners use a home warranty each year.

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Justice_TitleServices.jpg   TITLE SERVICES
Our country is a great nation in which to live and own a home.  It is a great place to enjoy the freedom to pursue our happiness.  Over time laws have been created to protect home ownership.  Semonin uses HomeServices Title to assist buyers in protecting their investment through our in-house title services.  You want to make sure all the legal documents have been researched and followed to ensure you have a legal right to the property you purchase.  Title services help protect your investment.

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Risk_InsuranceServices.jpg   INSURANCE SERVICES
Tornado.  Flood.  Fire.  Wind.  Hail.  Theft.  Accidents.  Mother nature and human nature can throw a lot of things at you when you own a home.  Proper insurance coverage of one of your biggest investments will come in very handy if disaster strikes.  Semonin has an in-house joint venture to help you.  Semonin Insurance helps with home coverage and lots more.

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Moving_RelocationServices.jpg   RELOCATION SERVICES
Moving into our area.  Moving out of our area.  Semonin belongs to the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.  Leading RE is part of the largest network of real estate brokers in the country.  Semonin's relocation team can help move you to or from anywhere in the world.  We have specially trained agents to assist you when relocating.